Make everyone an official photographer with the Hashtag Printer at your next event in Melbourne! Get instant prints of the photos your guests post on their social media pages. It’s an innovation everyone is currently talking about, and it’s taking the event scene by storm. Don't wait and be social and get everyone involved!

Alright, your probably sitting there, reading this and wondering why the heck would I hire a Hashtag Printer when I could just hire a Photo Booth for your event in Victoria? We get asked this all the time and below are some of the common reasons why people decide on hiring a Hashtag Printer!

  1. Friends, Family and Customers from all around the world can see photo's from the event in real time.

  2. Your guest get a unique and personal keepsake of your event.

  3. Lack of space at a venue and you can't fit a photo booth.

  4. A Hashtag Printer isn't in your "face" and more discrete for those who are a little shy - We know your out there!

  5. Enables you to capture the event from a different perspective and the views from your guests/clients.

  6. Let's be honest if it wasn't on social media it didn't actually happen...RIGHT?

The Hashtag Printer is for social people! It’s all about capturing candid, real, weird and wonderful moments from your event – all through the eyes of your guests. Perfect for any size event, from intimate parties and weddings, right through to corporate and branded events, the Hashtag printer helps to bring people together. 


If you want start an online conversation about your brand or your event, our Hashtag Printer is a fun and creative way of doing that.





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